Auburn Jewelry True Love Collection

Finding True Love with Auburn Jewelry

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, which means lots of lovers will be scrambling for gifts! If you’ve decided to get your significant other a piece of jewelry, look no further than the innovative and beautiful True Love Collection from Auburn Jewelry!


A collaboration between the New York based jewelry line and Laura Damiano Designs, this collection is both innovative and beautiful. Carefully crafted by hand, these stunning necklaces are anything but ordinary!

The "Love Struck" pendant necklace of Auburn Jewelry's True Love Collection.
The “Love Struck” pendant necklace from Auburn Jewelry’s True Love Collection.


The designs feature appropriately-themed pendants set on black & white backgrounds. The simplistic colors will be sure to please any lucky lady, but what really sets this collection apart is the composition of the jewelry’s metal. Featuring a mix of sterling and brass, every piece will work perfectly with whatever she’s wearing!

Moderately priced at $75, this collection is the ideal Valentine’s gift!


Auburn Jewelry True Love Collection
The “Sweetheart” pendant necklace from Auburn Jewelry’s True Love Collection.



If you want to get really personal, check out Auburn’s collections which can include your special someone’s initials, monograms, and even a custom design that you can create yourself! Also available are cufflinks and tie tacks for men!


Auburn Jewelry is taking Valentine’s Day orders through February 8! Have a happy Valentine’s!